What to Expect at TRB 2022

After a noteworthy year in which the world’s largest transportation research conference was moved online, the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting will be back to its…

10 Tips for Writing Reports That People Read

Project reports contain a wealth of information—the culmination of months or years of technical analysis, community engagement, and hard work. But if the document is difficult to digest, the impact of that work is limited.

Increasing Our Capacity for Empathy

We bring our experiences into our work. Associate Planner Conor Semler writes about why it’s important for transportation engineers and planners to develop empathy for experiences different from our own.

Best Practices for Rural Transit Planning

In this article, we cover best practices for rural transit planners, applications of the ODOT Transit Development Plan Guidebook, and what rural transit planning might look like in the future.

Managing E-Bikes on Multi-Use Paths

Should e-bikes be allowed everywhere bicycles can go? Responses are divided, and not just at the personal opinion level—regulations also differ state by state.

Assessing the Transportation Needs of a “Zoom Town”

The most impactful innovation that the San Joaquin Council of Governments (SJCOG) discovered through their Transportation Innovation Study is one that might not be commonly associated with transportation, but will set up SJCOG to meet their communities’ pressing needs long-term.